The science of silence in emotional abuse

Admit it. No one in this fallen world escapes from emotional abuse regardless on its category.

Even Jesus constantly gets emotional abuse. In fact, He is the only man in this world who ever lived that get the most extreme emotional abuse beyond our imagination.

Newsflash: Even God himself  suffered from emotional abuse by His fellow children, His own greatest creation, people who He love so much.

So, there is no way human like us escapes from emotional abuse.

Dr. Gregory L. Jantz noted 13 things on the damaging effects of emotional abuse in his book, Healing The Scars Of Emotional Abuse.

1. When you view life as unstable, anxiety, tension and fear result.

2. When you are constantly vigilant to the behaviour of others, hypersensitivity and hostility result.

3. When you learn to second-guess yourself, confusion and feelings of disconnection result.

4. When nothing you do ever seems to be right, insecurity, guilt and shame result.

5. When others tell you that you are always wrong, indecision and inaction result.

6. When you stop having the energy to fight it all, apathy and depression result.

7. When you have finally had it, rage results.

8. When you never seem to receive fairness, justice is all you think about.

9. When you have been hurt by those you love, love is viewed as a risk.

10. When living is painful, addictions are acceptable because they numb the pain.

11. When the mind is a jumble of emotional chaos, the body and its system break down.

12. When your inner emotion turmoil produces outer stress, your current relationships are endangered.

13. When you can’t control your negative emotions, you become the very person you hate.

  Healing The Scars Of Emotional Abuse (revised edition), pg 32.

One thing that I have learned the best is this:

The greatest instrument used by Satan to go against you is not lust, not anger, not jealousy, not sloth, not gluttony, not anxiety, but emotional abuse. Emotional abuse created a monster inside us and that is the greatest instrument used to break our relationship with God. Emotional abuse is the root of all sins, a vicious cycle that kept us in a bondage of condemnation.

So, you wonder why the people that we love or know turn to be an abuser, or became a sarcastic person with a flaming tongue, or take drugs, or run away from home, or became a gay and lesbian, or made a change on their sexual gender, or became a hostile person, or add up 200 pounds of weight, or turn to be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Why children nowadays always screams out ‘I HATE YOU SO MUCH!!!’ to their parents?

Think about it. There is only one answer.