Simply blogging

Blogging is fun.

It’s about throwing words in whatever ways you want – or not.

Or simply put pictures to tell the story. Simple. Interesting.

Even a blurry picture also can expose a powerful story behind it.

And the best thing is…

Blogging is about trying to show the cool side of a person’s world and ideas and thoughts and whatever crap wonderful things there is out there.

In other words?

TIME TO SHOW OFF!! (admit it – that’s the deep down real intention in any blogger’s heart)

Bloggers are freelance writers,

Writers that put even stupid words into a make-sense-words of wisdom,

And wisdom words means freedom,

Freedom to show the world,

World on a brighter side and its evolution,

Evolution in shaping a better generation.

Simply blogging.


My round amigo

This cat.

During the school break recently, a Doraemon road show for school break activity was held at e@Curve, Kota Damansara.

I only knew about the road show at the last  minute as in 3 days before the road show is over.

And so I dragged my two sisters asses to accompany me to the road show.

No, I don’t believe that only kids can have fun with Doraemon cause I saw more adults than kids at the road show. Guess parents has their own technique to be camouflage and used their kids in order to approach Doraemon.

The thing is that I am on a tight budget so I have to be careful not to clean out all of the shelves and bring back a car load of Doraemon stuff from the road show. However, all of these merchandise are limited edition and it is quite hard to find good Doraemon merchandise in Malaysia.

I told one of my sister – if you see me go nuts, grabbing all of the Doraemon merchandises and the total price for the items are more than my located budget, slap me and whisper in my ears loudly ‘Your wallet is bleeding!’.

Se we went to the road show on its very last day. It was Sunday. The traffic is heavy and we had a hard time looking for a parking space.

Talking about determination!

Once we arrived at the road show, I could not control myself but picking up every items and one of my sister literary tried to stop me from being wild in grabbing the merchandise.

After I regained back my sanity , thanks to both of my sisters, I then took only what I need (seems like I need all of it) and quickly went to the counter.

 Doraemon limited edition Touch N Go card. Gotta have one!

Photo session time with Doraemon, I have to control myself when I saw kids just cut the Q and their parents allow it! Wow! Some good parenting huh.

But it was worth the wait.

This is my round blue amigo since I was a kid.

And my wallet hates me for it.

Elephants all the way

I went to Kuala Lumpur early to settle some stuff before my graduation day.

But staying at the same spot in the same city really cracks my nerves and boredom.

And so I made a last-minute plan with my sisters to have a short budget road trip by visiting our dearly friend at Pahang.

Thus, we kicked off on our 2 hours plus drive journey to Bandar Maran, Pahang.

Bandar Maran is located about an hour drive from Kuantan and approximately 3 hours safe speeding drive from Kuala Lumpur. It’s a humble town with humble people and folks and with a serene atmosphere and ambience. In other words, this place is peaceful.

There we met with a not-so-old-friend who then introduced me and my sisters with his crazy-kick-ass-funny-adorable-craze friends which made our trip even more exciting.

Since we are always stuck in the urban busy living lifestyle, so we wanted to look up on some back to the nature activities as our escapade plan. I love travelling back to nature. As a scout since I was a kid, nature serves the best holiday version for me.

I myself is always fascinated with elephants. I always wanted to ride on elephants and splash them with waters. In Peninsular Malaysia, the only place where you can ride on elephants in nature is at Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, Pahang. No ZOO-just nature-with jungles, real jungles.

Enough said….

I’m not sure if the elephant is excited or just wailing in an excruciating pain because of the load posing on his back

For your info, the river is dirty. I even almost touch the elephant’s poo while having bath time with them because the shit looks like mud!

Advice? Quickly wash yourself and change the clothes after you have a bath with these adorable creature. There is a toilet with shower rooms provided at the sanctuary. Clothes? Wash it thoroughly!

The show only starts at 2pm until 4pm. If you are lucky, you can have a bath with the baby elephant just like I did. But if the tide of the river is unpleasant, enjoy yourself by feeding the elephants with papaya and sugar cane and bananas.  The workers already prepare all of the food so no worries. 

Do not miss your chance to ride on these elephants.

The best thing is that the entrance fee is FOC-free of charge.

You can make some donation to help maintaining the sanctuary.

This particular elephant here is old. She is suffering from I cant remember what disease and is deaf in her left ear and she is partially blind. She used to be a working elephant, just like any other elephants in this sanctuary. Their job is to help the rangers and workers carry big logs and chains as well as to calm any wild elephant that the rangers found in any mission in rescuing lost wild elephants.

Do not ever attempt to provoke these elephants because they can turn from gentle and loving and adorable into your worst nightmare.

They love to eat, so bribe them with food.

Poke it and like!

Only at Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, Pahang.

Graduacion, eh?

My last entry was on 12/04/2011 (the latest few minutes entry does not count)

I took a nice break from blogging and gather as much story as I can

I went to Kuala Lumpur in the middle of April for my graduation ceremony

The graduation was held on early May but I could not wait till May so I escaped to Kuala Lumpur early and settle bunch of stuffs

After all of the hard work and study, I ought to seek for some harmless fun

Fun which includes tossed up every cent and dollar that I have in my pocket till I lick my wallet dry

Ahhhh graduation. People says that it is the best time of your life other than having sex (that’s what I heard)

How did I celebrate my graduation?

 A photo with bunch of crazy asses friends

The usual way.

Food glorious food.

And seeking lights among the urban and the hustle bustle cities

Stories of my post-graduation ceremony coming soon… (no R rated story sorry)

Congratulation! The best part of my life has come to an end – that’s what graduation means

I have found the mother

If you remember this game

Then you know the birth and the power of this symbol

Then you will really enjoy playing with all of these babies

(I think I saw Justin Bieber in this cover. DaMn!! Gotta change the whole cover!)





(and so on with the other expansion pack)

Congratulation! You, my friend, remember the mother of The Sims thus you are:


Go ahead! WooHoo now!


The science of silence in emotional abuse

Admit it. No one in this fallen world escapes from emotional abuse regardless on its category.

Even Jesus constantly gets emotional abuse. In fact, He is the only man in this world who ever lived that get the most extreme emotional abuse beyond our imagination.

Newsflash: Even God himself  suffered from emotional abuse by His fellow children, His own greatest creation, people who He love so much.

So, there is no way human like us escapes from emotional abuse.

Dr. Gregory L. Jantz noted 13 things on the damaging effects of emotional abuse in his book, Healing The Scars Of Emotional Abuse.

1. When you view life as unstable, anxiety, tension and fear result.

2. When you are constantly vigilant to the behaviour of others, hypersensitivity and hostility result.

3. When you learn to second-guess yourself, confusion and feelings of disconnection result.

4. When nothing you do ever seems to be right, insecurity, guilt and shame result.

5. When others tell you that you are always wrong, indecision and inaction result.

6. When you stop having the energy to fight it all, apathy and depression result.

7. When you have finally had it, rage results.

8. When you never seem to receive fairness, justice is all you think about.

9. When you have been hurt by those you love, love is viewed as a risk.

10. When living is painful, addictions are acceptable because they numb the pain.

11. When the mind is a jumble of emotional chaos, the body and its system break down.

12. When your inner emotion turmoil produces outer stress, your current relationships are endangered.

13. When you can’t control your negative emotions, you become the very person you hate.

  Healing The Scars Of Emotional Abuse (revised edition), pg 32.

One thing that I have learned the best is this:

The greatest instrument used by Satan to go against you is not lust, not anger, not jealousy, not sloth, not gluttony, not anxiety, but emotional abuse. Emotional abuse created a monster inside us and that is the greatest instrument used to break our relationship with God. Emotional abuse is the root of all sins, a vicious cycle that kept us in a bondage of condemnation.

So, you wonder why the people that we love or know turn to be an abuser, or became a sarcastic person with a flaming tongue, or take drugs, or run away from home, or became a gay and lesbian, or made a change on their sexual gender, or became a hostile person, or add up 200 pounds of weight, or turn to be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Why children nowadays always screams out ‘I HATE YOU SO MUCH!!!’ to their parents?

Think about it. There is only one answer.

The meaning of Easter Sunday

He was risen from the dead and conquered death, He was ascended into Heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father, He is Our LORD Jesus Christ whose body and blood will and surely will save us from our sins and the penalty of death.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your love and blessing upon us. We are unworthy and unclean. But You our LORD God of Salvation, you share your bread with sinners, cover us with Thy precious blood and call us at the hour of our death. Thank you for your merciful way of showing your Godly love towards us. Jesus Christ, you are a Good Shepherd and demonstrated your great love for us, in that while we were yet sinners, You died for us so that we will break free from our bondage of sin and live the eternal life with You our LORD God Almighty. Thank you again. Alleluia Alleluia God is risen! Praise The LORD forever and ever.


Have a blessed Easter Sunday to everyone.