Graduacion, eh?

My last entry was on 12/04/2011 (the latest few minutes entry does not count)

I took a nice break from blogging and gather as much story as I can

I went to Kuala Lumpur in the middle of April for my graduation ceremony

The graduation was held on early May but I could not wait till May so I escaped to Kuala Lumpur early and settle bunch of stuffs

After all of the hard work and study, I ought to seek for some harmless fun

Fun which includes tossed up every cent and dollar that I have in my pocket till I lick my wallet dry

Ahhhh graduation. People says that it is the best time of your life other than having sex (that’s what I heard)

How did I celebrate my graduation?

 A photo with bunch of crazy asses friends

The usual way.

Food glorious food.

And seeking lights among the urban and the hustle bustle cities

Stories of my post-graduation ceremony coming soon… (no R rated story sorry)

Congratulation! The best part of my life has come to an end – that’s what graduation means


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