Those bricks


A name, a brand and a symbol known to the world.

If a kid in this century doesn’t know what Lego is and ask something like this:

You might as well confiscate all of the technology toys they have and buy ONE ACTUAL Lego for your kid to have the ACTUAL childhood experience.

Lego  got its name dated back in 1934 founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter from Billund, Denmark who made wooden toys at first in 1932 before he sets up the Lego Group.

Lego is not just a toy. It is a bunch of plastic bricks that make anyone to become an architect, an engineer, a mechanic or anything because Lego builds your imaginations and dreams.

How? If anyone gave you this:

What would you do with it?

A. Stare at it and says ‘oh great! A pile of junks!’

B. Stare at it because it looks delicious.

C. Quickly get a vacuum cleaner

D. Stare at it and starts to stack the bricks one by one carefully and create something, anything.

I choose D. Because from a stack of bricks can turn to this:

Legendary. An ART!

I will keep the Lego till death. Irony statement from me. Let me tell you why.

I had my first Lego when I was 2, 3 years old. I can’t remember.

My dad used to buy boxes of Legos such as Lego City, airport, town and things.

Me and my brother and sister would build towers, streets, aeroplane, ships and play with the little figures. We became the architect, engineer, policeman, fireman and destroyer because at the end of the day those buildings will eventually be destroyed by, mua.

Well, I was a kid back then and the bricks got lost here and there one by one until none left. I felt regret till death! How doofus I was. But hey, I was a KID and I barely understand the value of money at that time. Admit it, if you are smiling right now flashing back your time as a kid, you too is a toy destroyer. I did not destroy them, I just lost them. On behalf of my defend. (smile)

I think I invented Lego zombies.

I used to take off the Lego’s head, arm or anything. I do not torture them, I just like to dismantle and attached them back. Trying to feel how God feels like. They look like zombies but was not approved. Too brutal for kids. Not now. Brutal is the new game for kids nowadays. Evolution.

Back then, Lego is affordable. With RM30++ one can get a Lego city or Lego pirate. Big box.

But now, you can get a big box of Lego with the price of RM290++ and above, some reached up to RM1k ++.

Arrr!! Me wanz ur mohney!

Value of money. A small box of Lego containing only this will cause RM39++.

Last time it cost only RM5++.

It’s amazing what Lego can do in our childhood time. From fantasy of experiment to a real job. In fact some people became a Lego master.

Jesus Christ. These people were married to Legos!  I wish I can too.

The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith used Legos as an inspiration for a Bible Study. Thus he created a web page named ‘The Brick Testament’ Here, the stories in the Holy Bible were illustrated with Legos. Easier for little children to understand the word of God in a more creative approach.

Lucifer looks like Edward Cullen.

Even Vader and Luke Skywalker tribute a respect to Jesus in the picture.

Numbers of interesting pictures and illustrations embedded with the values and laws that Heavenly Father taught in the Holy Bible.

Lego serves its functions as an educational toy.

From a simple stack of plastic bricks:

To these:

Careful son. He is Jesus

While I can make these:

It’s not as easy as it looks like. No, its not 2 pony horsie.

It’s the beauty of Lego.

Thanks to the Malaysia government with the co-operation of Lego Group, we can now experience the real life LEGO in LEGOLAND Malaysia Theme Park, Malaysia first international theme park located at Johor Bahru and is schedule to be launching at the end of 2012.

I’m jealous of them! I want to swim in those Legos!

Cross finger. Dear God, do not let judgement day falls at the end of 2012. Let me explore the LegoLand Theme Park first. Amen.

I will conquer you soon! Arrrr!!



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