Just being a good friend

Text messages from my friend.

Him: I’m thinking of getting a tattoo

Me: Ok, good 4 u

Him: Any suggestion?

Me: Wud about ‘I hate tatoo artist’ design?

Him: Thank u!

Me: Your welcome

Him: I want something red symbolize passion

Me: Chili?

Him: I want to put it in my butt

Me: U want 2 put a chili in ur butt????

Him: No thanks I’ll pass. Correction. I want a red tattoo at my butt

Me: I don’t want to ask why

Because at that time this appears in my head:

Me: U want to tattoo a Japanese flag at ur butt? U will be sued.

Him: LOL! No! I respect Japan! Give me an idea! An iconic red thinggy

Me: Chili?

Him: Wud about an Elmo tattoo at my butt?

Me: Why on earth would an old grown up man want to put Elmo at his ASS?

Him: C’mon! Elmo is a sexy red figure. Women would love it whenever I pull my pants down in front of them!

Me imagination:

Lil Elmo: “Hiya gurl! U will enjoy looking at his butt better than his front part! I’ll save ur day!”

Me: Get an Elmo tattoo

Him: Sure do! Ur a gud friend!

Disclaimer: I don’t know how his front part look like and I do not want to know. But I guess Elmo is cuter and can save his day.


2 thoughts on “Just being a good friend

  1. I think better cookie monster on his butt because he can take his dung as a symbol of the cookie for cookie monster hahahahaha

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