Will you ….. me?

Few days ago, one of my boy buddy asked me for a marriage…..


Marriage advice.

He is planning to propose his 7 years-in-a-relationship girlfriend and wanted it to be legal.

I asked him, ‘did you just made your sperms swimming to your lady’s uterus?’

He immediately shakes his head. Confident.

So I asked whether he is sure with his decision because one thing I can tell everyone is that my buddy here had solely made an oath in 2008 that HE SWEAR HE WILL NEVER GET MARRIED UNTIL HE IS 30 YEARS OLD. That was his manly idea on Not tying-a-knot until 30, but not tying-his-dick until 30.

As if. Dude, you have estimately another 6 years to wait for you to break your oath.

He then kept on feeding me with all of his fantasies-which-I-found-it-awkward-to-share-with-other-people talk on being a married man, how his wife will treat him like a King and he doesn’t have to take care of his own clothes and bla bla bla.

Typical man’s thinking about marriage.

After his half and hour (I clock the time) of non-stop marriage fantasies, I ended up telling him 2 things about marriage just to make sure that he got the whole idea about marriage.

Number ONE:

Reality check.

Number TWO:

Rules are rules and this one is not meant to be broken.

He kept quiet and looked into my eyes, deeply with a message:

“I regret of asking for your opinion. Now I am a virgin for life.”

Oppss, I did it again. There goes my free dinner for a wedding (he will definitely cancel his proposal idea).

Girls win!


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