The world though a pencil

Drawing has been my passion since I was a kid.

I started to love the idea of drawing since I fell in love with the Doraemon cartoon and character.

For me, the idea of drawing as a stage for you to express an idea and creativity is more than interesting.

It’s bizarre.

One of my own personal favourite drawing:

People recorded history and facts through drawings and figures.

I’m always interested with art and music.

I am not a good dancer and I am a horrible singer. Moves and vocal is not my luck. I might be the next William Hung.

Or not.

Still, God gave me a good hand and the right side of my brain is active.

Drawing is not just about scribble something on a paper.

The basic of drawing is by playing with shapes and angles. Start with something round, add up some sticks, lines, oval, play with angles and voila!

A smile! No, multiple smiles.

Everyone can sketch. But not everyone can draw.

Not everyone was born with the talent of drawing. Not everyone has an imagination that can be transform onto a piece of paper.

Drawing is an interesting way to kill your boredom.

In fact, if you are a teacher, you can see all kinds of drawings created by the students in any text books especially the History books.

I enjoy drawing.

I love “The Lion King” and “Brother Bear” so I ended up drew the characters myself for my own personal collection:

Some of my friends says that I am horny because sometimes I drew nude figure.

Oh, please. I am not that desperate. My reaction to those comment: Smile. Only those that appreciate art will know.

At least I am not doing this:

Through drawing, not only I can express my imagination, thoughts, ideas and emotion in my drawing, maybe I can turn it into something valuable someday.

Art is a way to learn other people’s culture as well. Different artist approached the world of art through different ways of drawings with different techniques.

American cartoons:

Japanese cartoons:

Notice that Japanese superheroes are more than the American.

Russian’s cartoon:

See what I meant? Different regions with different style of drawing.


Me? I prefer sketching. Warm, easy, freedom to draw and it is sophisticated but in a simple way.

The beauty of art.

It’s beyond understanding.


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