What the

Today is Monday.

Suddenly I carved for a burger.

American fast food first entered Kuching’s food industry civilization since forever.

Then the industry started to grow as well as the food in terms of size, portion and etc.

Hence, I want to start my week with this:

The ‘What the..’ burger and can only be found at Kuching Merdeka Palace, Sarawak.

(Picture courtesy of a friend from FB)

This friendly burger only cost you RM150.80 nett. No, I do not know the price in USD. Kindly refer to xe.com for currency exchange value.

We should call for Adam Richman to wrestle with this burger.

I wonder if the Angel of Death is waiting right next to the burger for his victim.

“Great, another victim of A burger. Can anyone just die naturally nowadays?”

I will never touch McDonald’s burger for the next 2 months (as if).

 Welcome to Kuching.

Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement.


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