So irony

Recently (not that recent though) there has been a big fight case happened at a KFC outlet in Shah Alam.

The case spread like a ghost rider speed in YouTube. (you can check it on YouTube. Too lazy to post here)

Apparently, the KFC worker punched and kicked the customer due to some misunderstanding that led to a fiery flame throwing words event (thanks to the tongue) and ended up really bad.

According to the news, there has been a racial issue (other race mock at another race) which ended up in the big fight.

Here’s the customer situation:

He waited in a long Q  for his chicken like an hour yet when it is his turn, the worker informed him that the chicken has finished. As a customer, he was pissed off. I mean, logically, the workers should inform their customers early that they are lack of fried chicken and more are waiting to be fried. The customer made some complain and he felt irritated when the worker answered him rudely (according to some source).

So there has been a verbal fight between each other. Things get uglier when the worker’s friends started to chipped in the fight. Finally, one of the worker rushed towards the customer and punched him before he gave a big nice kick right on the customer’s body (I saw it in the video).

The victim is on the second left (the one holding onto the table) and the guy that is holding him is responsible for the attack.

(Notice the lady in the orange tank top tried to pull him from attacking the victim. Girl power!)

Now, the gist of the story is that things happens unexpectedly. No one can assure your safety. Not even MAA, Prudential and those in the list can assure your safety from a chicken attack situation. Due to this matter, we should take a precaution whenever we want to go for some colonel chicken.

Protection and SAFETY first! It’s not a logo that you can always found on a Durex box.

 We fight for our chicken and our rights. Irony.

Even a chicken does nothing to go against Mr. Colonel for the mass killing of the chicken (the picture is worst that Holocaust).

Awww. This chick still values the meaning of love, honour and respect. Irony, right?


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