I am worried

Currently I am jobless.

Do not give me a negative thinking. Delete the adjective word of lazy.

I have just finished my degree study 2 months ago and that is why I am still jobless.

I am so concern because of:

a. Financial concern.

b. Felt like Mr. Simpson stay at home and be part of the potato couch community (just literary).

I can find a job but my body still need a rest.

Sometimes I am too worried that no one will offer me a job or I might end up getting an unsuitable job, until one night I had a dream like this:



I am the cat.

I should be worried, should I?


3 thoughts on “I am worried

  1. Captain Hooked says:

    sabar pok

  2. pinangqaseh says:

    kesabaran separa dari iman

  3. I agree completely with what you said. Great Stuff. Keep it going..

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