A leap of change

I am a fresh graduate from a local university.

This university specialize in molding the students to become future teachers, better still, educators. Being a teacher is not my first aim. I wanted to become a lawyer but my parents against the idea. Here’s the reason why I do not want to be a teacher:

Teachers nowadays have difficult time to discipline the students because teachers have NO RIGHT to touch the students. The situation has become vice versa whereby students CAN touch the teacher. It’s the customer always right policy. Students are the customer.

However, based on my own observation after teaching practical and so on, students really can kick teacher’s arse because they knew that teachers cannot touch them, scold them, yell at them or take any action. We teach but they do not want to be taught.  We be nice to them and they take advantage on you.


My past experience was hell raising, figuratively speaking. I tried to teach and approached my students in different methods but they just ignored me. All they want to do is fooling around. Asked help from fellow friends and senior teachers, even the senior teachers also said these students are just hard rock ignorant. Usually the senior teachers will just ignore them as long as they can teach. That approach is good but under an observation of a lecturer, that is a BAD idea. Luckily some students did gave me a good time. And few actually changed after I taught them for 2 months. *cough cough*

I really want to help but if they do not want my help, it’s fine. I’m not the one who will face difficulty in the future.

Now I understand how my teachers felt when I gave them a real depressing time in school.

Me as a real arse donkey once upon a time.

‘I dont ca-reeeee teeee cerrrrr’.

I wonder which teacher that cursed me to be a teacher. Too many suspect in my list.

Positive thinking, being a teacher is not bad at all, I guess. With the small salary and hard-core challenges, what can you ask more?

Really, I am still considering to change my profession.


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