Bad semester

Looking at my friends’ status in FB (whom are still battling in UPSI) telling how stress they are dealing with assignments and lectures and lecturers always carve a smile on my face. Been there, done that.

Campus life is practically stressful. But, it is always fill with fun. Nothing beats the memory of campus life. Only one thing that concerns every individual at the end of a semester is this:

Yup. It’s a war zone in university. Lecturers are your trainers, assignments are your tasks, papers are your battlefield, questions on the papers are your enemies, your pens are your tools, your mind is your ultimate weapon,  pressure and stress are your obstacle course, and PARENTS are your ultimate judge.

I did feel like I wanted to strangle few individuals. But hey, it’s just an emotional speaking, my sanity is still in touch with my mind. I enjoyed my campus life. Every second of it.

Have you ever wish that you can go back to your campus life?



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