Okay, here’s the story.

I purchased the Scrabble apps for my iPad because Scrabble is one of my all time favourite board game other than Monopoly, Risk and Battleship. Plus, it would be great to have this apps as my teaching aid when I start to teach soon (cross finger).

I figured out, hey, a USD0.99 equals to approximately RM3 price will not harm my wallet to buy an educational virtual board game compare to the real Scrabble which will cost me not less than RM90.  Thus I purchased the game and I enjoy every second of the game as I test my English vocabulary level.  That’s the beauty of the game. It’s fun, educational and also tests your ability to control your anger when the CPU spells out ridiculous-never-heard-of-words in my entire life.

The opponent is the CPU and for me, the word CPU is an abbreviation of Cheater Plus Unbelievable (CPU) because I find it annoying when the CPU spells out words I never thought exist in English such as ‘Ayah’ or ‘Dyad‘.  I bet that whenever the CPU wins it will said ‘C? P U!’ (See? Pee you!). I will not be surprise if one day it spells out ‘Belacan’ or ‘Kueh’.

Okay, to the main course of the story. One day, after my parents came home from work, my father took my iPad and explored the apps in it. I was surprised because he never bother about my iPad before. For him it is just another computer but in a smaller and slimmer form. He rather use his laptop.

Then, he discovered the Scrabble application and without any hesitation his finger tapped on the apps. For the next couple of hours, my dad just sit down on the exact same position with his eyes never letting go from the iPad, battling the CPU on the Scrabble game. He did not bother to shower or eat. I looked and him and asked him, ‘Daddy, why aren’t you shower yet?’. His simple answer is ‘Hmmm…’. Daddy’s rule number 78: NEVER disturb the old man when he is into, like, really into concentration with something. I was ignored!

‘You ignored me because of Scrabble?’


Aha! What the heck. Small matters. It’s my mom who stopped him from being glued on the game and dragged him to take his dinner. Then, a twist of event happened right at that moment. My mother was wondering what had made my dad glued to the iPad. She looked at the Scrabble and tried out her first word, then the second, then the third then stop to mock the CPU for the first time, then made her next move again and then the next one….which ended up my mom and dad tag team together battling against the CPU in a Scrabble game. I was flabbergasted!

This is how they cheered to each other in order to take down the CPU:

Go honey Go! Bring him down! Apa punya CPU! Tipu la!

So that night I ended up missing my iPad and stayed in the room ignoring my parents with a smile on my face. Since that day, I can only touch my iPad during office hours because they go to work while I am still jobless (sound so kesian) and when they arrive home, I can kiss my iPad goodnight. Night shift is their turn to battle against the CPU in Scrabble.

At one point my dad came back home and instantly asked for my iPad and started to play. I bet he could not focus during work because he is still thinking of his lost the night before in the game. He even forgotten to lock the main gate! On the other hand, my mother was heating our rice for dinner in a stimmer. Then, while waiting for the rice to be warm, she occupied her time with playing Scrabble until my nose caught a rather sharp burning smell, only to discover that the white rice has turned into a brown rice. Hangus hangus!

Looking at both of them still make me smile especially when they fight for their turn to play Scrabble. I just hope that my iPad can survive.

I’m beginning to think that it is better for them to get an iPhone so that they will not fight over Scrabble. As if.

Think again! I rather buy the real life Scrabble board game.  But still I enjoy looking at them having fun battling against the Scrabble’s CPU. At least they can spent time together in a different way.

Parents. What to expect?


2 thoughts on “Scrab-ble

  1. Captain Hooked says:

    Sobs, enti nuan ngasuh mami meli iPad baru nyangkung ka aku sekali k

  2. pinangqaseh says:

    no komen haha!

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