I’m lovin it

Have you ever been obsess or  perhaps love something (something, not someone) so much that it either indirectly or drastically influence your life in any sort of ways? Each individual is attracted to something that will eventually shape their life in ways that we never notice or think of. Let me put in few examples:

People who have OCD:

These are the people who are into THE movie and Edward Cullen. I know someone who can hum Christina’s Twilight song for the whole 2 hours of driving. I can only smile and battle the song by doing excessive mental exercise.

People who are really into politics:

They cannot live without talking about the current issues, affairs and scandals that is going round and round in the political field. These people always have plans in their mind and dress smart. Guess so.  I’ve asked one of my close friend  the full name of today’s Malaysia health Minister, he eventually gave me the family tree of that one particular political figure. Impressive. Thank you.

People who loves bolts and nuts:

I think I actually can marry this type of person. At least I know that he will not cheat me with other woman. Just need to bear the smell of the oil, motor oil, liquid oil, any types of black solid gold oil. 

Even better, this next obsession is actually  inside everyone whether they realize it or not:

 Disclaimer: Not an obsession with Adam Richman (I have nothing against him, he is kinda cute) but look at his action!

Yes! Food! Food glorious food! Everybody loves to eat including me. And Adam Richman is one of the figure shows that how much man wanted to beat those food down into the belly. Some people are really obsess with food.

What about me? Oh yes I am in love with one particular figure. People who knew me will smile by now because they know exactly who I meant.

No other than:

Yes! A cat that is round, blue in colour with NO ears!


Doraemon is a Japanese manga character which first appeared in December 1969, way older than I am. A majority of Doraemon episodes are comedies embedded with lessons and moral values such as integrity, courage, family and respect for elders and friends.

I have been a big Doraemon fans  since I first watched this cartoon on the TV when I was still  breast-feeding.  Since then, this character actually shapes my mind and introduce me to the world of comics and drawing which I am still doing till now. I would want to thank God for giving Fujiko.F.Fujio the inspiration to create this iniquitous cute robot cat.

The question that people always asked me is this: WHY do you love Doraemon so much?

Here’s the thing. Doraemon’s character is smart, funny, round and portrays creativity. The whole story actually reflects Mr. Fujiko’s creativity as he invented many future machines and gadgets via his artwork which actually maybe will become reality in the next few years. It speeds up my imagination to see the world’s perspective in the future.

I think most of you know about this cat. Google knows about the existence of him:

And a museum was built for Doraemon:

Another thing is that this cat is versatile! Check it out:

He is Dora Lightyear.

He is Dora Mouse. It is so irony because originally Doraemon is a swore arch-enemy of rats and mouse.

I do hope Disney still put Mickey Mouse as the icon.

McDora and Mr. Colonel Dora

I wonder if he can race with those little round cute hands.

Kungfu Kitty. Who says that being short can’t do martial arts?

Marilyn Manson to Marilyn Dorason and Michael Jackson to Michael Dorason. Related?

Oh yeah. He introduced us to little big gadgets.

Blame it on the crabby patty!

I don’t know if I can fight with Batman looking like this.

Or looking up at the sky and saw the big round SUPERMON!

This is what happen if we do not have enough villains on the street and do not fight obesity!

He is Son GoMon!


Oooo yeah! He does moon walk. Seen it!

Also, the legendary Bruce DoraLee.

Pictures courtesy of  http://anime-queen.blogspot.com/2011/11/doraemon-cosplay.html

See what I meant? Doraemon is versatile and adorable in any cosplay. My parents were bugging me with statements and questions like ‘How can you slim down if you have a short round figure as you inspiration?’ or ‘You are round because of Doraemon.’ I love to give them a big smile. I mean come on, I think it is better for me to put up a Doraemon poster in my room rather than I put up Jillian Michaels’s poster in my room!

Come on! Nothing personal against her. She is an inspiration for me to sweat out and tone my muscle but I rather not glue up a human figure poster on my wall cause that will contribute to some identity and emotional disturbs…..blaahh…Sorry Jillian. Nothing personal. I’m just saying.

Who says that Doremon did not work out?

He did! He knows hula hoop. He always runs after Nobita. See? Some exercise inspiration.

As a fan, of course I have some personal collections of Doraemon. On my last year’s birthday, all of my presents are in the form of Doraemon. ALL OF IT! It’s very easy for my friends to search presents for me. I will never reject Doraemon.

 These are few of my Doraemon collections.

 My personal favourite plush Doraemon. A gift from my big sis and close friends on my birthday.

 Doraemon have just graduated.

Doraemon piggy bank and alarm clock.

Mouse and mouse pad of Doraemon.

Cutlery set. Not complete yet.

Mini Doraemon sport set.

Other collections are various from face pocket tissue to tissue paper box to few more plush Doraemon toys to miniature to picture frames and all sorts of Doraemon are also in my collection list. Oh well, everyone has a kid’s soul inside. 

I like being around with this blue round earless robot cat.

A bit look-alike? Maybe?

What’s your obsession? Saying I do not have one means that you have a lying habit as an obsession. Figurative speaking.


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