The two categories

There are soooo countless many new and old reality TV shows popping out on our ridiculously expensive television nowadays. Let me try to list it down:

1. Beauty and The Geek Australia

2. Junior Masterchefs Australia 

3. The Biggest Loser Australia and non-Australia

4. The Amazing Race Asia and non-Asia

5. A minute to win it

6. Raja Lawak and segala lawak

7. The biggest gainer

8. A minute to be fat

9. Extreme makeover: pump up weight edition

10. Are you smarter than a nursery grader?

…..I do hope you readers realize some of the above shows are NOT yet on air (maybe will be put into consideration) or NOT true or even better; WILL NOT be on air.

I was wondering, there are quite a number of reality show focusing on weight loss. This is because being fat is a taboo. Portraying a bad health status and ugliness. Hey, I myself in the category of chubby people. Being round is who I am. Not that I am happy being round but there are ups and downs in trying to battle against these fats. Okay, done with the description on my happy fats. Well, here’s the real story.


Being fat is not a good thing. It contribute to health problems, also problems in buying pants and even under garments such as BRA’s for those who wear one. You see, the bigger you are, the more expensive the clothes will be. So, reality TV show such as the picture above was born to help those whom are morbid obese or super obese to be super slim and slander. We have seen few seasons, I’m sure you know that.

From this to that.

ImageOf course this is a good thing. We want less oversize coffins to be on order. However, I do have one question: why is there no reality show design for people who want/need to gain weight? There are people out there desperate to gain weight but they could not although the munched down 10 plates of pasta per meal or gulp down 10 gigantic cakes per sitting. Personally, I think food is not the 100% culprit or source to gain weight, I think there is a technique.

I mean, come onnnnn….even if I am desperate to be slim, but not this! (picture below)

ImageImageSeriously. These people needed help too because there are health issues involved in here as well. Not only physically but mentally and psychological aspects too. The world is not balance, we know that. But hey, give and take. Win-win situation. Both categories need help but  people only focus on the chubby chubby one.

The list of reality TV show that I have listed from number 7-9 should be put into consideration. Number 10? We should also compare our IQ level with toddlers and kids because many child genius were born nowadays. Talking of evolution people!

Another fruit for thought, is there any chance for a reality TV show that could lead to a result as shown in the picture below?


There will be more confident and cheerful individual on the street.


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