The serenity of a good screed


No matter how many words or pages consist in a book, it is always complete.

A perfect touch of much adroit writers slash authors.

Anybody can be a writer. Anybody can be a story teller.

However, NOT everybody can be an author….personally, I said that this italic statement is wrong.


The idea of writing a book is that one can objurgate other peoples’ idea with redoubt statements. A story is always paradox but no one judge because nobody is right or wrong.

Writing a book is like creating a new world albeit it is nonsense or way out of our mind.

Heck, that is what we spell as c-r-e-a-t-i-v-e.

Who would have thought of these world? They did:

The beauty of books is from its delicious various stories in it regarding in any form,style and for any purpose, let it be selcouth or a reading for remit tranquil or with some gasser elements for a grinning teeth.

Stories that could be an oracular which personally I think most of the authors love to do or one that can picture the world as an iniquitous place, stories with solecism and a platform of a novation to neoterism.

A writer’s story has its own birr which portrays its own unique characteristic, let it be something cimmerian or in a gasconade way embedded with a dramatic peroration style, and lends itself to a rhyming desinence.

One thing that I love about books is that it is a source of anamnesis. A good screed comes with a good lucent book.


I prefer to read my books in my own room. It is like my own adytum. No other people can access to my adytum when a book is in my hands.

I bet I am not the only person feels that way when it comes to reading a book.

My reading materials would vary from Reader’s Digest to National Geographic magazine to novels by Paulo Coelho, Jeff Kinney, Mitch Albom, Arundhati Roy, Stephen King, Jodi Picoult, Nicholas Spark, Jane Austen, Joseph Conrad, Chinua Achebe, Salman Rushdie, Ernest Hemingway to poems by Cecil Rajendra, Kingsley Amis, William Butler Yeats, Billy Collins, Nikki Giovani, etc. Too many to list down.

But my most favourite of all are Paulo Coelho and Jeff Kinney.

Paulo Coelho: reality, spiritual, inspired by the Holy Bible, truth and modern serious on the eye of the world.

Jeff Kinney: reality, hilarious, truth, hilarious, funny, hilarious, imaginative, hilarious, wimpy and, hilarious.

What else can I say?

The Alchemist dug my soul so deeply that I can feel Christ’s present while my eyes dance with the rhythm of Coelho’s writing:

Meanwhile, Greg Heffley marked my day in high school as XXXXX, exactly! (not as dork as his though).

Thanks to the Malaysian government that gave each varsity student a RM200 1Malaysia book voucher to spent at any participating bookstore.

With that voucher I am a proud owner of these books and all are still waiting for me to indulge:

Done with The Wimpy Kid.

4 more books to go.

Gluttony eh

This is how I look like while I was trying to save my fried chicken from my friend(guardian Angel):

I figured out that I should eat while run in order to save muh chicken.

And this is the face of me as the winner

90 seconds later, I realised that I have just destroyed my diet and the day is Friday!

Muh regret and feeling like an asshole face:

An Angel patted my head.

Darn Gluttony!

The world though a pencil

Drawing has been my passion since I was a kid.

I started to love the idea of drawing since I fell in love with the Doraemon cartoon and character.

For me, the idea of drawing as a stage for you to express an idea and creativity is more than interesting.

It’s bizarre.

One of my own personal favourite drawing:

People recorded history and facts through drawings and figures.

I’m always interested with art and music.

I am not a good dancer and I am a horrible singer. Moves and vocal is not my luck. I might be the next William Hung.

Or not.

Still, God gave me a good hand and the right side of my brain is active.

Drawing is not just about scribble something on a paper.

The basic of drawing is by playing with shapes and angles. Start with something round, add up some sticks, lines, oval, play with angles and voila!

A smile! No, multiple smiles.

Everyone can sketch. But not everyone can draw.

Not everyone was born with the talent of drawing. Not everyone has an imagination that can be transform onto a piece of paper.

Drawing is an interesting way to kill your boredom.

In fact, if you are a teacher, you can see all kinds of drawings created by the students in any text books especially the History books.

I enjoy drawing.

I love “The Lion King” and “Brother Bear” so I ended up drew the characters myself for my own personal collection:

Some of my friends says that I am horny because sometimes I drew nude figure.

Oh, please. I am not that desperate. My reaction to those comment: Smile. Only those that appreciate art will know.

At least I am not doing this:

Through drawing, not only I can express my imagination, thoughts, ideas and emotion in my drawing, maybe I can turn it into something valuable someday.

Art is a way to learn other people’s culture as well. Different artist approached the world of art through different ways of drawings with different techniques.

American cartoons:

Japanese cartoons:

Notice that Japanese superheroes are more than the American.

Russian’s cartoon:

See what I meant? Different regions with different style of drawing.


Me? I prefer sketching. Warm, easy, freedom to draw and it is sophisticated but in a simple way.

The beauty of art.

It’s beyond understanding.

Will you ….. me?

Few days ago, one of my boy buddy asked me for a marriage…..


Marriage advice.

He is planning to propose his 7 years-in-a-relationship girlfriend and wanted it to be legal.

I asked him, ‘did you just made your sperms swimming to your lady’s uterus?’

He immediately shakes his head. Confident.

So I asked whether he is sure with his decision because one thing I can tell everyone is that my buddy here had solely made an oath in 2008 that HE SWEAR HE WILL NEVER GET MARRIED UNTIL HE IS 30 YEARS OLD. That was his manly idea on Not tying-a-knot until 30, but not tying-his-dick until 30.

As if. Dude, you have estimately another 6 years to wait for you to break your oath.

He then kept on feeding me with all of his fantasies-which-I-found-it-awkward-to-share-with-other-people talk on being a married man, how his wife will treat him like a King and he doesn’t have to take care of his own clothes and bla bla bla.

Typical man’s thinking about marriage.

After his half and hour (I clock the time) of non-stop marriage fantasies, I ended up telling him 2 things about marriage just to make sure that he got the whole idea about marriage.

Number ONE:

Reality check.

Number TWO:

Rules are rules and this one is not meant to be broken.

He kept quiet and looked into my eyes, deeply with a message:

“I regret of asking for your opinion. Now I am a virgin for life.”

Oppss, I did it again. There goes my free dinner for a wedding (he will definitely cancel his proposal idea).

Girls win!